Monday, 27 December 2010

Storyboard for ICA of PDC---Appearances can be deceptive

1. A big bird and a little bird hover around a tree with two bird houses fixed on it.

                        2.The big bird gets into the big bird house, shooting a glance to the little bird from inside.

3.The little bird shelters into a corner in the darkness of little bird house.

4.The big bird is taking a shower in while a weather report can is playing on its TV.

5. The storm comes.

6.The light flashes and the crystal pillars shake.

7. Those crystal pillars fall down and nail onto the floor.

8.The big bird is hit by a flash of lighting.

9.The big bird comes out of its house and flies directly to the little birdʼs house.

10. The little bird house expands after the big bird crams itself into it.
                                                       Feathers come out from the gaps between wood boards.

11. The little bird is kicked out of the bird house.

12.The little bird flied into the big bird house.

13.The sky has turned into pure blue and all of the grey clouds has disappeared.

14. The big bird wanna get back to the big bird house,

15.The eyesight of the little bird gets firm and it pushes the bottom of security on the remote.

16.A lot of weapons come out from the big bird house and point at the big bird.

17.The little bird winks to us.

18. The end.